Top Seven – November 2017

Seven of the best articles I’ve come across in the last month:

  • Bruce Ashford – ‘How America Lost Its Mind’ – The Gospel Coalition.
    An excellent review of Kurt Anderson’s controversial new book, Fantasyland.
  • Melanie Phillips ‘The Vanishing Conservative Party’ –
    Melanie Phillips argues that there is much more to the Conservative Party’s failings than a disastrous party conference speech.
  • Alan Noble ‘The Disruptive Witness of Art’ – The Gospel Coalition.
    In a postmodern world where feelings often trump facts,  how can the gospel truth be compellingly proclaimed? Alan Noble offers a way for Christians to use art and literature in their evangelism.
  • Albert Mohler‘Historic Oxford College says Christianity is too harmful for freshers’ – The Briefing.
    Albert Mohler’s insightful take on the recent Christian Union ban at Balliol College.
  • Brett McCracken‘8 Signs Your Christianity Is Too Comfortable’ – The Gospel Coalition.
    A challenging piece from Brett McCracken that diagnoses ‘comfortable Christianity’ with 8 tell-tale signs.
  • Philip Jeffery ‘A Luther for Millennials’ – First Things.
    Celebrating the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation, Philip Jeffery offers a unique perspective on the value of Luther’s legacy for millennials today.
  • CI‘Humanists hit out at Shoebox Appeal’ – Christian Institute.
    Humanists UK encourage parents to write to schools to reject a Christian Shoe Box appeal, calling it “extremely problematic”.

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