‘Gospel Witness’ – Dr Joseph Boot

How should we think about Christian apologetics in a society where people are encouraged to discover, determine, and live their own truth?

Christian apologist Joseph Boot explains that Christ-centred gospel witness is about getting to the heart of a person, because the root of unbelief is a heart condition, not a lack of evidence or convincing arguments. Sin has a profound impact on the heart and human understanding. Therefore as we think about and engage in witnessing to the gospel of God’s Kingdom, we must take this ‘heart condition’ into account.

Join Dr Boot as he unpacks his latest book, Gospel Witness, on Monday 4th December at a special event hosted by Christian Concern.  In this talk he will consider some of the prevailing worldviews in the West today, demonstrating that their foundational problem is a refusal to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and King.

Rev. Dr. Joseph Boot (M.A., Ph.D.) is a cultural philosopher and theologian, leading Christian apologist, founding pastor of Westminster Chapel in Toronto and founder of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity (EICC).

Christian Concern
70 Wimpole Street
London, W1G 8AX United Kingdom

5:30pm – Refreshments
6pm – Welcome and Lecture
7pm – Close

To find out more, visit Kingdom Guide.


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