Top Seven – March 2018

Seven of the best articles we’ve come across in the last couple of weeks:

  • Joe Carter – ‘How to Understand the Jordan Peterson Phenomenon’ – The Gospel Coalition.
    Why is psychologist and author Jordan Peterson described by some as “the most influential public intellectual in the Western world right now”?  Joe Carter examines some of the reasons behind his appeal.
  • John Woodbridge – ‘Why Christian theology needs former atheists’ – Cristianity Today.
    From C.S. Lewis to Alistair McGrath, and Lee Strobel to William Lane Craig, many of the leading Christian thinkers and teachers of the last century were former atheists.  John Woodbridge shares his compelling testimony of atheism to Christianity, and argues for the ‘valuable witness’ of those who have made this journey.
  • Ron Edmondson – ‘The Legacy of a Leader’ – Christianity Today.
    “Leaving a healthy legacy may be one of the most important things a leader can do.” Ron Edmondson looks at the importance of what you leave behind as a leader.
  • Giles Fraser‘Why has secularism got religion in its sights?’ – Unherd.
    Giles Fraser asks: Are secularists becoming less tolerant and more anti-religious?
  • David Leonhardt – ‘The Power of Religion’ – The New York Times.
    Journalist David Leonhardt considers the social, emotional and psychological benefits of religious belief: “The evidence has made me more humble and open-minded about how the world can go about solving some of its problems.”
  • Jake Meador‘The Grace of Good Questions’ – Mere Orthodoxy
    Jake Meador explains the necessity and power of listening in evangelism.
  • Rick Warren‘What I learned from Billy Graham’ – Christianity Today.
    What Christian leader Rick Warren learned from Billy Graham:  Focus, integrity, and a God-directed heart.

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